Get To Know Bruno Zdravecky
Bruno Zdravecky | Right Wing


Standing At 5'9 and 140 lbs, IDA would like to welcome Bruno Zdravecky! His previous experience includes playing on the U19 LA Galaxy DA team/MLS Academy and Real Colorado ECNL. Right wing is the position Bruno is most natural at, but he also loves to play any of the midfield positions as well as right back.


We're so happy to have Bruno part of our IDA family!

How did you hear about IDA? 

"One of the schools that is recruiting me had a freshman join their 2020 class from the Spain program, I became interested in learning more about it and the relationship took off from there."

What are your football (soccer) goals?


"I look forward to learning from the coaching staff to develop my game and to play with and against some of the top young talent in spain. I plan to utilize this opportunity to help me on the path to becoming a professional soccer player at the highest level, while also being a role model on and off the field for young players."

Favorite professional player and team?

"Mason Greenwood who plays for Manchester United is a very big role model for me on and off the field. It’s pretty cool we’re so close in age as well."

Who did you speak with while making the decision to join the academy (your club coach, friends, family)? Can you tell us more about this decision making process? 


 "I decided to speak with the people who are closest to me, which are my family of course, as well as coaches that i trust and have continued to support me to achieve my goals." 


"After the coaches reviewed my recruiting video, they had sent me an invite to play in the annual MIC tournament in Barcelona against the top teams(Real Madrid and others). This really meant a lot to me and inspired me to become part of the academy for the 20/21 season in Spain."

What does your family think about this decision?


"My family is beyond thrilled for me and are super proud of what I've accomplished and what I will accomplish in Spain."

What are your expectations about the level of football in Europe?

"I have very high expectations for the speed of play, tactics, and overall feel for the game. I expect things to be quite competitive and it will further raise my game."

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