Cade Garcia
College Profile
Graduation Year: Class of 2019 - Centre Midfielder

Contact Information


Cell: +3524763216

Parents: Jennifer Garcia

Address: Inverness, Florida, USA

DOB: 26 June 2002

Player Information

Primary position: Centre Midfielder

Secondary position: Left Back

Dominant foot: Left foot

Jersey #: 38

Height: 5"9"
Weight: 175 lb



  • Currently GAP Year at IDA Valencia

  • GPA: 3.75

  • High School: Citrus High School, Inverness, FL

  • Extracurricular: MAD Certified, ACD Certified


  • Club Name: The Villages

  • Head Coach: Lynval DaCosta Junior

  • Other Sports: N/A

Cade Highlight Video - N/A