IDA Coaching Staff Plays Key Role In Player Development

When players sign up to compete at the International Development

Academy, they know what they’re getting themselves into. They arrive at

the airport prepared for tough competition and intense training, led by a

team of coaches that they’ve probably never met before. What they don’t

realize, is that the new coach that’s picking them up at the airport will

soon become a mentor, as well as a resource for them to meet their goals.



For Dylan Kladstrup, it’s extremely important to have a connection to his

coach. The 17 year old from New York isn’t a stranger to being away from

home to compete, and he says he values the personal connection he has

with the coaching staff. “You’re with them all the time, so they know you personally and you feel like you can ask them anything. They’re kind of like parents to us in a way, since we’re kind of here on our own,” Dylan said with a chuckle. 



Dylan’s goal is to continue competing at the highest level he possibly can, and work his way back home to the United States where he plans to complete at the collegiate level. On the other hand, his Belgian teammate, Sam Bunch, returns to the IDA for the second consecutive season, with the goal of signing a professional contract.



“A lot of coaches want to win, but these guys care about you,” says Sam. “The coaches make it their mission to help you...your problems are their problems. You get to know them on a personal level since you spend so much time with them.” Sam says that the personal relationships that the players have developed with their coaches make the academy feel like home and has brought the team together and developed chemistry in a matter of weeks.



Jordi Gomez the Director of Operations at IDA Valencia, agrees with Sam and

Dylan regarding the significant role that the personal relationships play in the

success of the IDA teams.“We are very interested in the player’s lives,” he says.

“We have a personal pathway for every player, so some want to go professional,

others want to earn college scholarships. We have separate pathways that are

specific to each of their goals. In the end what we offer to them is a customized,

personal approach.” 


Team goals and individual goals are equally important at the IDA, which is why every single player is provided with a personal pathway to help them stay on track. After every game the team sits down to watch film together, followed by 30 minute individual meetings between the players and the coaches. The relationships that the coaches have with the athletes allow these meetings to be extremely specific to what each and every athlete needs to do to meet their goal. 



Jordi would go on to say that watching the athletes succeed is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. “Seeing your players going to a D1 school, signing a pro contract, winning a championship- it’s all about seeing a smile. The hard work needs to be worth it.” The coaching staff at the International Development Academy has allowed a group of boys to find a home in a foreign country as they work together to achieve their individual goals.


For more information on how you can compete at the IDA, contact Patrick Robertson, IDA Recruitment Director | 781 786 1069