The International Development Academy has a mission to help international student-athletes find the most appropriate academic and athletic fit for their college search in the United States. 

We help you to navigate the process in order to make the most informed decision possible.


  • Academic Fit

    What do I want to study as a student-athlete? How has my current education set me up for success? What does a typical day look like in an American University? What is my academic situation and how do I improve it? What class size is right for me? What size school? 

  • Geographical Fit

    Where do I want to go and why? Do you prefer hot or cold? West Coast or East Coast? City life or country setting?

  • School Pricing

    How much can I afford? Are there scholarships or grants available?

  • Soccer Program

    What level of play is right for me? How important is playing time right away? What is the culture of the team? How will I mesh with the coaching staff? Does the program have a history of accepting international players? 

  • Communication with College Coach

    How can I correctly communicate with a program? Am I eligible to play based on NCAA rules? Can I attend a game? Visit the program and campus? Do I want to go to this school?


​Our team of former collegiate players, coaches and youth soccer leaders will talk and walk you through the process. We’ll help you navigate everything from fit to the scholarship process and then develop a timeline for your family, acting as a conduit to the U.S. Collegiate Soccer.  Use the IDA College Placement Team to prepare you for a successful academic and athletic journey overseas.