Win a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity To Fulfill Your Dreams

Five Finalists Can Experience a World-Class Academy Through the Free Semester Abroad Giveaway

Grand Prize worth $20,000 - An Entire Semester Abroad! 

IDA wants to give away an entire semester entirely for FREE!


5 finalists will be selected January 15, 2021 and will travel to either the Valencia, Spain or Reading, UK academy to participate in a free trial week during spring break. ONE player will be selected at the end of spring break and will receive 2 months in Spain and 2 months in UK for a total of a semester abroad in Fall 2021!

See below for official details.

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How To Enter?

Step 1: Upload a video. The video must be either a highlight reel or a clip from a game! No trick shots or drills will be accepted.

Step 2: Upload the video to Social Media and tag @international_da (either on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube)


Step 3: All entries must like and follow IDA Facebook and Instagram accounts and share a piece of content from each!

Step 4: All entries must fill out the form below with their information, including the link for the video they created.

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Contest Details & Rules:
  • 5 finalists will be chosen from the entries to compete for the free semester. These 5 finalists will enjoy a week at one of our international academies in either Valencia, Spain or Reading, UK. IDA will cover the cost of room, board, transportation abroad and a uniforms for the 5 finalists. The finalists will be responsible for the roundtrip cost of the flight to and from the academy.

  • Athletes who enter must be born born between the years 2000 - 2005

  • Open to athletes from all countries

  • Like and follow IDA Instagram and Facebook accounts and share a piece of content from our social media

  • Upload a video of you playing soccer

  • 12/31 deadline