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IDA is partnering with SMI to provide international student-athletes with another fantastic soccer location.

This is the perfect location for :


  1. Student-athletes looking to spend a fantastic senior or gap year in Italy and play soccer at a high level, especially on the women's side.

  2. Student-athletes who want to have a Master's Degree in Sports Management

SMI has its own private professional soccer academy where student-athletes start their Italian soccer experience. The academy provides participants with a professional environment where every individual can improve his/her game under the guidance of our fully qualified professional coaching staff. Regular training sessions, along with exhibition games and tryouts, are part of the program in order to ensure maximal exposure to Italian clubs. In fact, the ultimate objective of the academy is to help our student-athletes sign with teams so they can compete in regular games and championships. 


SMI have access to one of the most spectacular and traditional training facilities in Rome. “Trastevere Stadium” is home of “Trastevere Calcio”, one of the top semi-professional teams in Italy. 

“Trastevere Stadium” is located in the “Monteverde Vecchio” neighborhood, within the ancient and historic walls of “Villa Pamphilj”, theater of the famous battle of Gianicolo in 1849. After the “Stadio Olimpico” home of the professional teams “AS Roma” and “SS Lazio”, the “Trastevere Stadium” is considered the most important training ground in Rome.


One of the most important aspects of your time at SMI will be your living arrangements: where you live, and who you live with. All SMI students have the option of living in university-owned accommodation, which is an apartment shared with other SMI students in one of the neighborhoods surrounding the university. All of our lodgings are close to the city center and are equipped with a full set of modern amenities, so you have all the convenience of private accommodation with the authentic experience of living in Rome.