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IDA is partnering with SMI to provide international student-athletes with another fantastic soccer location.

This is the perfect opportunity for:


  1. Student-athletes looking to spend a fantastic senior or gap year in Italy and play soccer at a high level, especially on the women's side.

  2. Student-athletes who want to have a Master's Degree in Sports Management


Soccer Management Institute is one of the most prestigious sports educational institutes in the world with the mission to educate the next generation of sports leaders through a variety of programs that are open to anyone interested in a future in the sports industry.

Other than getting a higher education, SMI offer the possibility to our student-athletes to play soccer at a high level in Italy. The objective of our own professional academy is to develop our players tactically, technically, and physically and to prepare them for a higher level of soccer.


SMI has its own private professional soccer academy where student-athletes start their Italian soccer experience!


Live a life-time experience in the “Eternal City” while getting a higher education! Rome offers everything a student studying abroad looks for. A city with no limits, rich of art, culture, history, energy, diversity, and opportunities.

One of the most important aspects of your time at SMI will be your living arrangements: where you live, and who you live with. All SMI students have the option of living in university-owned accommodation, which is an apartment shared with other SMI students in one of the neighborhoods surrounding the university. 

SMI have access to one of the most spectacular and traditional training facilities in Rome. “Trastevere Stadium” is home of “Trastevere Calcio”, one of the top semi-professional teams in Italy.


We want our student-athletes to succeed not only in class but on the field as well! The opportunity to play soccer at a high level is real and it is what makes our program unique. Regular training sessions, along with exhibition games and tryouts, are part of the program in order to ensure maximal exposure to Italian clubs. 

Some of our student-athletes sign with teams after a few weeks, others after a few months or at the end of the year. Several players started a professional career during the SMI program and had the opportunity to stay in Italy after completion of their studies. With SMI you can start a soccer career abroad and keep the dream alive! 


Soccer Management Institute offer four different programs: master, under graduate, study abroad, and GAP Year. Through a solid partnership with Link Campus University, SMI offers the unique opportunity to study abroad for one or more semesters while playing in our soccer academy. The University offers a variety of courses which credits can be easily transferrable to the United States. 


The aim of SMI is to provide an unforgettable experience where receiving a top education, playing soccer at a high level, and living in a beautiful city surrounded by history, art and tradition is possible.