Get To Know Jeremy De León
Jeremy De León | Right / Left Wing


Who did you speak with while making the decision to join the academy (your club coach, friends, family)? Can you tell us more about this decision making process? 


 "I spoke with my family about the decision. The process about the decision for me was pretty easy because I will do anything to accomplish my goals. My dad was in contact with Anthony and Ivan which was a huge help in making this process even easier."


Tell us about your previous club experience. 

"All of the programs I played in before were really good for me. I learned a lot with each team and they all helped me to become a better player. I went to different places of the world with each team and I learned a lot. The training with Sevilla and the tournament I played with them helped me a lot because I played with a really good level of football and it made me see what the real football is and also it made me a better player.""

What does your family think about this decision?


"My family thinks that is a really good decision because they know and support what I want from this sport. They understand that if I go to different countries, there is going to be more opportunities and I am going to grow more as a player."

Favorite professional player and team?

"My favorite professional player is Messi and my favorite team is Liverpool."

What are your expectations about the level of football in Europe?

"I expect a really good level of competition because I have already been to Spain with Sevilla and I have played in Europe multiple times."

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With the goal of playing in a first division league one day, IDA would like to welcome Jeremy De Leon, a lefty standing at 5'7 and 120lbs. While playing in a tournament in England, Jeremy heard about IDA from one of his coaches, Anthony, who is involved with IDA!

Welcome to the family Jeremy!