Laurens Ten Cate
College Profile
Graduation Year: Class of 2020 - Centre Back

Contact Information

Cell: +7712711262

Parents: Eugenie Ten Cate

Address: Westport, Connecticut, USA

DOB: 12 November 2002

Player Information

Primary position: Centre Back

Secondary position: Central Defensive Mid

Dominant foot: Right foot



  • Currently GAP Year at IDA Valencia

  • GPA: 3.7

  • ACT: 32

  • Extracurricular: Took 6 AP classes throughout high school


  • 2019 named to the best XI from northeast academy teams by New England soccer journal

  • 2020 was captain of top 10 team ranked in the country for the fall

  • 2019 captain and started every single game that I was eligible for

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