Get To Know Lukas Velazquez
Lukas Velazquez | Striker, Right/Left Wing


Lukas Velazquez, standing at 6 feet and 140 lbs, has been playing for a soccer club since he was 4 years old and hasn't stopped since. Before joining IDA, the most recent team Lukas played for was Arsenal / STA- MOSC. We're so happy to have Lukas part of our IDA family!

How did you hear about IDA? 

Some scouts referred me to the coaches at IDA Valencia, and I have been in contact since March 2020.

What are your football (soccer) goals?

My goals for football ever since I was a little kid have been to become a professional soccer player in Europe (preferably in Spain) and to become one of the most skilled and best strikers in the world.

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What are your expectations about the level of football in Europe?

My expectations about the level of football in Europe is that is it held at a high standard of professionalism, high level skill, and competition as well. I am hoping that it will open doors for me and give me the opportunities that I need to succeed.

Who did you speak with while making the decision to join the academy (your club coach, friends, family)? Can you tell us more about this decision making process? 

There were lots of discussions between my family and I on whether or not I should go to Spain to play for the club; ultimately, we decided that going to Spain would open many doors for me and it would be the best route. There was a lot of doubt and fear when trying to come up with a decision. Going to another Country on a different continent was scary for all of us.  However my parents supported me and believed that if I wanted to seriously pursue my dream career in Europe, this would be a positive step forward.

What does your family think about this decision?


My family fully supports my decision; in fact, they were the ones who encouraged me to go on the trip to Spain. The fact that I had to leave my family for so long and be so far was pulling my decision to stay but they assured me that it would be a great opportunity and a chance that I had to take now. 

Favorite professional player and team?

My favorite professional player is Luis Suarez from Uruguay and my favorite team is FC Barcelona and the Uruguayan National Team.