Marcos Sotarello | 5’11 | 175lbs


IDA would like to welcome Marcos Sotarello!

Sotarello has been playing in the ECNL, one of the highest youth leagues in America and playing against some of the best teams in the country. Through his soccer career Marcos has played in many different positions all over the pitch, but most recently played center attacking mid, center defensive mid and center back.


We're so happy to have Marcos part of our IDA family!

Marcos IDA soccer1.jpg

How did you hear about IDA? 

"Last year I played at a showcase and learned about the opportunity to play in Europe. I thought it would be good for after high school but didn’t think to start so soon. During quarantine I looked at what I wanted to do in my future and if I wanted to fully commit to soccer and from there started to contact the coaches of IDA and the opportunity was there."

What are your football (soccer) goals?


"My football career goal is to be able to play at the professional level wherever the opportunity comes and to start for the Argentine national team during my career."

Marcos IDA soccer3.jpg

Favorite professional player and team?

"Since my dad is from Argentina, one of my favorite teams since I was little has always been Boca Juniors. I also have always been a fan of Barcelona as I have been watching them since I was 7 years old. One of my favorite players was Roman Riquelme and now Lionel Messi."

What are your expectations about the level of football in Europe?

"As we all watch many different European teams on TV whether it’s the Champions league, La Liga, the premier league and others, we see the high level of play in Europe and I expect to be playing at a very high pace and organized style of football. "

Who did you speak with while making the decision to join the academy (your club coach, friends, family)? Can you tell us more about this decision making process? 

"During my decision making I had talked to many different people. The first people I talked to were my parents, as my dad has always been a huge soccer fan. He wanted what I thought was best for my soccer career and he was excited about the program. My mom was also onboard with the idea but like most parents wasn’t ready to let me leave so early and wanted to wait until after my senior year. With some convincing from me and my current club coach, who also is a coach at the college level, we decided that it was a good idea to start as early as possible. Also my siblings and friends were all very supportive of me and my decisions. 


The decision wasn’t easy as it is always hard leaving home and all your friends and having to start in a different country with a different language and culture. But for me, knowing soccer is what I want to focus my career on was the main factor for my decision. Another thing was for me it was a bit easier as I am already fluent in Spanish and my mom had lived in Spain. I spent some time there too on a soccer tour and playing there was a great experience."