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IDA in Bermuda: A Gap Year Abroad

Updated: Apr 6

How It Works, Why it’s Valuable, and How Top Players Are Using it to Maximize Their College Recruitment During COVID-19

On Wednesday, March 3, International Development Academy will be speaking with Bermudan players and their families about the growing importance of utilizing a gap year program to gain crucial experience, exposure, and access to US universities and European clubs. With the extensive COVID-19 restrictions, many players are stranded and left with no options to play or guidance on what they can do. Recruitment options are limited for next year and college coaches just don’t have the roster space available. This is where IDA comes in. As experts in player development and global pathways, International Development Academy welcomes players from across the globe to their residential academies in Europe and the US. A growing number of Bermudan players are taking their game overseas with IDA including current players Isaiah Blankendal and Ryan Lopes, and recent signings Tyrone Burgess Jr. and Darius Woolridge.

How A Gap Year In The UK Earned Mac a D1 Soccer Career!

“The decision to take a gap year or even a year abroad as a high schooler, is quite possibly the most valuable decision a young player can make right now,” says Rick Angelicola, IDA Director of International Relationships. “Bermudan players are quite gifted and have many of the tools to get to the next level. To be able to take a year abroad, fully-focused on developing and competing at the highest levels in Europe – that can be game changer for their future.”

Sign up for the webinar to learn exactly what the Gap Year entails, how you can take advantage of it, and what immediate opportunities are available in Europe and the US.

IDA is still accepting applications to their Residential Academy programs in England, Spain, Italy, and Boston, MA.

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