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International Development Academy announces partnership with College ID Me

The two organizations partner to provide soccer pathways to deserving student-athletes

International Development Academy is a leading provider of players pathways towards collegiate and professional soccer. With 10+ years’ experience in creating developmental experience for student-athletes from across the world, IDA is looking to boost its ability and scope when placing soccer players in US Colleges.

College ID ME has a proven experience in evaluating, empowering and educating players in their seek for US college placement, thanks to an extensive network of college coaches and to the delivery of educational ID camps throughout the country.

With this partnership, both organizations want to integrate their members’ pathways towards US College soccer, adding the opportunity to be scouted and evaluated for Residential Soccer Academies experiences in Europe. The immersion in a full-time soccer experience, alongside with high level educational partners on the ground, will support the development of a quality all-around candidate for some of the top US College programs in USA.

“It is an exciting time for College ID ME” Craig Scriven says, College ID ME Director. “We look forward to educating our players about the opportunities that IDA can offer in Europe.”

“We strongly believe that an experience in a full-time residential program is the best way to maximize players potential” says Peter Bradley, IDA Director of Coaching. “Alongside with strong educational partners, such College ID Me, we are proud to offer players a strong pathway to US College.”

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