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International Development Academy (IDA) announces partnership with US Performance Academy (USPA)

Updated: May 9, 2020

IDA and USPA will come together to offer a comprehensive solution for international student-athletes who want to compete at the highest level, while maintaining a robust academic program. Alongside their e-learning platform, USPA will provide IDA with tutors onsite for its residential academies in Valencia, Spain and in Reading, UK.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with an organization like International Development Academy.” said Peter Smith, USPA President. “The most exciting element of this partnership is the focus on excellence at every level. From the innovative learning environment to the unique daily schedule, the smallest detail is carefully scrutinized, resulting in an incredibly comprehensive and rewarding program.”

“Having this relationship with USPA, allows us to provide both a flexible schedule with a world-class online educational platform, to our players in Valencia and Reading,” said Peter Bradley, IDA Director of Coaching. “E-learning is now more a necessity than a choice and it is very important for us to know that the service offered to our players is high-level, detail-oriented and aimed at maximizing a young player's development on and off the field.”

International Development Academy is a leading provider of player pathways towards collegiate and professional soccer. With considerable experience in creating developmental opportunities for student-athletes from across the world, IDA understands that having a flexible academic partner is critical for the development of full-time athletes. Find out more!

US Performance Academy (USPA) is an accredited, private, online school designed for competitive athletes in middle and high school. With a community of support, a focused pathway toward each student-athlete’s future, and the latest technology to provide a flexible schedule, USPA provides the ideal environment for young athletes. For more information you can visit the website directly at

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