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Seven secrets that will help you master the college placement process

The International Development Academy has a mission to help international student-athletes

find the most appropriate academic and athletic fit for their college search. This is

a major life decision that a young person will have to navigate and it is important that they

are diligent in the process and use every tool that they can, in order to make the most

educated and informed decision possible.

Colleges are looking to ascertain 3 major items as they evaluate you as a viable student-athlete;

• Are you “smart enough” to be a successful student in their institution?

• Are you “good enough” to be a contributing member of the sports team that you are

interested in, for that particular incoming class and team?

• Are you “genuinely interested” in attending their institution? Why do you want to

be there over every other student-athlete in the world or is your application just part

of a general blast to see if there any takers?

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