Get To Know Ryan Lopes
Ryan Lopes | Striker, Right/Left Wing


At 5'8 and 160 lbs, IDA would like to welcome Ryan Lopes! His previous experience includes playing with Vasco Da Gama, a men’s senior team, with the Bermuda Football Association for the past 2 years.


We're so happy to have Ryan part of our IDA family!

How did you hear about IDA? 

I heard about IDA through my youth club here in Bermuda, and I attended the Thanksgiving College Showcase this past November. Going to the showcase was a great idea because I learned a lot and this has me excited to see what IDA is all about.

What are your football (soccer) goals?

To play at a level of football where I can be paid. More specifically at the professional level. It has always been a goal of mine to play at a higher level and I will continue to work hard to get there.


The British Island, Bermuda

Who did you speak with while making the decision to join the academy (your club coach, friends, family)? Can you tell us more about this decision making process? 


I mainly spoke with my family. They know about my football aspirations and support me 100 %. The opportunity to play football in Spain is a once in a lifetime deal and something my family thought would help me grow and become the best player I can be, along with learning a language.

What does your family think about this decision?


My family is excited about this opportunity for me. As mentioned before they really gave me the support to do this because they felt it would help me grow and become a next-level player.

Favorite professional player and team?

My favorite professional player is Neymar, and my favorite team is Chelsea.

What are your expectations about the level of football in Europe?

My expectations about the skill level in Europe is that it will be competitive and full of high-level talent. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to learn while pushing myself against some really great players. I have always had the drive to become the best I can and I believe this will be a big asset to me personally.