Is your fall soccer season in jeopardy?
It doesn’t have to be...

COVID-19 continues to impact the U.S. the collegiate and high school

Fall sports, with programs being canceled or postponed. For example, the

NESCAC, Ivy League and the Patriot League have already canceled or

postponed their Fall season, even though sports aren’t set to kick off for

another month. The ESPN live tracker is a great resource for collegiate



High school seniors who dream of securing a scholarship offer or

impressing a key coach this fall may lose their opportunities here in the

U.S. The International Development Academy provides the perfect

opportunity to take back your season, improve your game and get noticed by a collegiate soccer program. Either a gap year or a semester abroad, the IDA is an amazing opportunity to compete against tough competition, get noticed by college programs, and see different parts of the world while you’re at it.



Players that attend the International Development Academy will collaborate with an academic and athletic advisor to map out their journey. Advisors ensure that players remain connected to college recruiters in the United States and send college coaches monthly status reports on how players are doing overseas. Practice and game footage is also delivered. Coaches can monitor the progress of potential recruits and foster relationships while recruiting, even with thousands of miles between them. Just ask Mac Nagger, who took full advantage of our resources and wound up scoring an offer from Iona College while he was playing in the UK.

Applying for the IDA is a simple process but it starts by exploring the IDA

locations on our website and then connecting with our Director of Recruitment,

Patrick Robertson. You can email him here:


Our team is here to help you, and we want to answer any questions you may

have and make sure that you’re ready to start this journey. If you’re ready

to get to work, reach out today!