Experience Valencia 



Located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, The IDA Residential Academy in Valencia is the perfect place to experience a new culture and improve your academic and athletic performance. Our Elite Boys & Girls Soccer Program is designed for international student-athletes aged 15 - 21 that want something exceptional. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and has rich history of art, festival life and culture combined with great beaches and weather. With three La Liga clubs in the metropolitan area: Valencia CF, Levante UD and Villarreal CF, you’re sure to build lasting life-long memories. 


If your dream is to play professional soccer or collegiate soccer in the states, IDA Valencia can set you up for success. 



Located in the peaceful town of Torre en Conill Norte, The Mas Camarena Resort & Boarding School is the perfect spot for aspiring student athletes to grow. Opened in 2018, our residence is less than a 15 minute drive away from downtown Valencia and offers both serene gardens and access city culture.  

IDA student-athletes will enjoy a state of the art, comfortable residence with exceptional amenities including study rooms, recreation lounges, dining rooms, cafeteria, turf soccer fields, running and athletics tracks, basketball courts, paddle and tennis pitches, and a swimming pool. Your IDA Valencia experience awaits. 



The soccer program provides each player with 6 to 8 weekly training sessions and more than 40 games during the year in order for the players to reach their goals.


Student-athletes at the Academy, that come from all over the world, have access to:

  • World Class training program with UEFA licensed coaches.

  • Partnerships with different Spanish clubs at all the levels, all professional or semi-professional clubs, with a suitable competitive schedule.

  • Strength and Conditioning personalized program from experts in the space.

  • A nutrition plan to accommodate weekly workload.

  • International tournament experience, competing against the best of the best of European football at their age level.

  • Video recording of all international Academy games played.

  • Individual meetings with coaches in order to review players' training.

  •  All of this in a unique environment where the players just breathe soccer 24 hours a day.


Designed as a stepping stone to either professional football or college soccer in the States, The IDA Academy in Valencia ensures a high level education to student athletes.


Some highlights include: 

  • USPA is designed for student-athletes looking for an accredited school that supports its unique schedule, creates a pathway towards their personal, professional and athletic goals, and leverages the latest technology for an on-the-go environment. For more information, visit https://gouspa.org

  • For those that have already finished their high school studies and come to Valencia in a Gap Year, they will experience the Spanish Level 1 coaching course. With a duration of 8 months, the Spanish Level 1 is the equivalent of the UEFA B coaching course and will provide our players the training to become a successful football coach.

  • All of our players will also attend Spanish classes, which will help them to better experience Spanish culture.

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Why would I play in Europe vs. staying in the USA?

Playing at our academies in Europe is proven to develop you as a player in a highly competitive environment. This significantly increases the chances of you getting recognised by professional clubs and reaching your ambitions in the game.

If it’s college football you’re looking for, playing at our academies will help with your transition into a top college soccer program, recognition by college coaches and better placement and scholarship opportunities.

Why would I pay for this when I can go straight to college?

By playing in one of our full-time residential academies, not only will you develop as a player, but you will also generate more pathway opportunities as a result of the experience. We have been successful in helping players reach the professional level as well as providing better college placements and even athletic scholarships at top college programs through our many connections.

I have received messages from other academies that look similar to yours. What’s the difference and why would I choose IDA?

IDA consists of highly-qualified professionals and coaches who specialise in developing footballers so they reach the highest level possible. IDA has a proven track record of helping players reach professional and collegiate football and is unique in catering to the individual and their career ambitions.

Can I study whilst playing at your academy or further my education?

YES – Our academic providers; US Performance Academy (USPA) are perfectly placed here. USPA is an accredited private online, middle & high school created for high performance athletes. USPA is designed for young athletes looking for a school that supports their unique schedule and creates a pathway towards their personal, professional, and athletic goals. USPA deals with many high-performance athletes and provides them with quality exit options upon completion of their courses.

If I don’t make it pro in Europe, will I have wasted a year?

NO – IDA provides many high-quality opportunities for full-time Football in Europe and the USA. Our agency partner; Stellar Group represents many players looking for professional opportunities around the world. IDA also has many connections in collegiate Soccer in the USA and Europe, meaning you won’t be short of opportunities come the end of the program