Will Piers
College Profile
Graduation Year: Class 2020 - Right Back

Contact Information


Cell: +15096681247

Parents: Megan Collins & Brad Piers

Address: Peshastin, Washington, USA

DOB: 8 September 2001

Will Piers.jpeg

Player Information

Primary position: Right back

Secondary positionCentral attacking midfielder

Dominant foot: Right

Jersey #: 5

Height: 5"10"
Weight: 145 lb


  • Current GAP Year at IDA Valencia

  • GPA: 3,5

  • SAT: 1100


  • Club Name: IDA Valencia

  • Head Coaches: George Nichols and Antony Blackburn

  • Soccer Awards – individual:  Varsity starter, rookie of the year, goal of the year at HS team

  • Soccer Awards – team: Man City cup winner

  • Other Sports: Skiing

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